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Natural hair transplant by follicular isolation technique


Iran FIT Natural Hair Transplant Clinic with a specialist team for hair transplant, skin, hair and beauty specialists and physicians in the field of hair transplant founded FIT natural hair transplant in Iran with several years of experience and more than 20,000 hair transplant- the highest number of people naturally transplanted their hair in Iran- with no complaint, even one person, is a distinguishing feature of this clinic with other centers having such activities indicating the specialty, commitment and skill of specialists working in this clinic.

Aiming to concentrate on specialty and providing unique services, Iran FIT Natural Hair Transplant Clinic is providing its special services in the field of hair transplant in Tehran.

Hair Transplant with Written Guarantee

We use the formula provided by Leonardo Da Vinci for estimating the hairline such that we calculate the distance between two eyebrows to chin and add half of the same value to the point between two eyebrows upwards. Thus, any person has its unique feature with given natural lines and ranges.

The only and best permanent solution for lost hairs is hair transplant by follicular unit method.

Studies indicated that low hair, particularly baldness, whether in men and women, has profound impact on their mental and spiritual situation. Maximum mental disorders in this case includes depressions, anxiety and obsession. Although nobody dies due to baldness, however it has deep impact on self-confidence and quality of living.

Iran FIT Group believes that hair transplant and hair restoration isn’t merely a simple medical process, but it is a combination of medical science and art and finally it provides the patient with a beautiful feature proportional with its personality; therefore, attaining this goal, it purchases and prepares the most delicate hair transplant costly tools from most advanced medical centers of the world to provide its patients with more natural and better results.

We honor that we never closed our eyes for best interest of patient and tried to help the patients candidate for hair transplant sympathetically and relying on updated global information and believe that attaining this goal the first and best step is providing the public with enough information. Clients could consult with specialists of this complex by our website, email, telephone call and or by attending in free consultation meetings and after reviews, the best and most satisfactory method will be proposed for them.

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